Motivated by a lack of material.

They Are So Much More Than Me

Self-image is so much more than the visuals. I have never like photographs of me. I laughingly say, “they look too much like me”. It is not a joke but a vicious truth; for when you are not happy with the way you look, a statement like that is merely self-revealing. However, I will caution you to NOT take yourself so seriously.

I rifled through my pictures today, some on the computer some in hard copy. It was amazing. I traveled through time and revisited my parents in their youth, I looked at my children through various stages of their lives and experienced my grandchild all over again.  I am in awe of each of them, I am grateful to God for them, but I don’t often consciously think of how they are connected to me. I love them in spite of the fact they are related to me not simply because they are related to me. Don’t get this wrong, I am not overtly filled with self-hatred or self-loathing, I just do not feel worthy of any of them.  I am proud and in amazed by all of them. Ah yes, another snapshot courtesy of self-image.

Not unlike a camera lens, self image can take on a variety of characteristics. Many factors have to be taken into account as to why the image looks the way it does; equipment, angle, lighting and focus will all affect the look of the subject. However, the mind’s eye is a very significant factor here, for it affects the physiological and the psychological.

These self-images will determine the types of relationships we have and with whom. After all, who knows you better than you?  Doesn’t arrogance mar knowledge at times?When that happens disaster is inevitable. After enough disasters, hopefully the knowledge will neutralize the arrogance. Then step back and take a look of those people so near and dear to you. Connected by something simple as a bloodline. Realize those relationships that are/were affected by the  afore mentioned self image may be responsible for some of the beings in your life, and some of the beings in your life that made you who you are can take credit for your self image at least as  in part.

Ancestors and descendents they are all still family; and in the big picture, in the grand scheme of things we all are a part of something massive and wonderful. Our roles as individuals  are essential.


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