Motivated by a lack of material.

Lost and Aware

Realization came crashing in. Ignore it if you will, but it does not stop. Something strange was happening, in the beginning it was very obvious and out in the open where it could be seen. As time went on it became less and less visible on the surface, but it was always there just below the surface, waiting to pounce. Now it rarely shows in the fashion it used to, but it is there just the same.

Have you ever lost something? It is a miserable feeling. Being a collector makes losing something seem so much  more intense. What does the loss signify? Well were you careless, are you becoming forgetful, or did it just happen. You see there is a remedy for the first, the second can be consciously worked on and with some success, but the third is as unbelievable as it is dishonest.

In the exploration of this subject one has to first admit that we are all collectors of something, on one level or the other. Being unaware that you are a collector does not stop you from being one. Therefore, it does make you subject to the rules of collecting.  Ask yourself why you are collecting and what exactly you want to collect? What are you planning on doing with your collection and how long are you going to collect? This is a good start for a beginning collector. It is thought through and rather precise. One thing that I have found that holds true in this life on every plain I have encountered, with out a plan things are sure to go awry.

A good collector has a plan, with purpose and place at the focal point. A bad collector simply will eventually become a hoarder. The one that has no symmetry, his collection has gone all wrong. There is no way of determining what is being collected or why. The hoarder is overwhelmed and eventually will fall victim to his very own “mess”. All the time not knowing how this came to be; but a closer look will reveal this did not just happen, and it did in fact take steps.

Again I ask the question have you ever lost something? During the process did someone close to you or even someone who just happened to be there asked, “Where did you see/have it last?” While this question is both stupid and annoying at the time, think of how many times you have located that lost item. This lends validity to the title Lost and Aware on a primary level; for if you loose something and retrieve it later you were aware of its location, if you throw something away carelessly you no longer have it but you are aware of your actions thus explaining why you no longer have this thing. It takes away our ability to say, I don’t know where______ is and/or I don know how I lost it. Once again we have to face up to our shortcomings, but also we are given another unique opportunity to fix them.


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2 thoughts on “Lost and Aware

  1. Once again you made me say mmmmm……

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