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Giving Em The Business

Expectations of professionalism and quality are my first thoughts. Dropped like a hot potato; one of my oldest reliable clients told me that my services were going to be cancelled. She said immediately,” It was nothing we did, that they(she and her husband) were trying to cut expenses.”‘ She went on to say that she/they would like to periodically use us and how would she go about doing this. I explained the procedure, but I was still in the beginning of the conversation. No matter what she said my mind asked over and over “What just happened here?”, because I did not see this coming. I did not have an opportunity to suggest an alternative plan, because it seemed to me her mind was made up. I did not want to be invasive, but I would be lying if I said I took her entirely at “face value”.

Losing this client brought to light that I had violated something I vowed I would not do in my business practices, I got personally involved.  I felt like I lost a friend along with that revenue. I was damaged, hurt, and insulted. Observing what I believed to be a very southern practice; over and over I witnessed individuals insinuating themselves into the lives of people who they wanted to do work,  people they wanted to work for, and/or people they wanted provide services to or obtain services from. It seemed to me that in their minds, if you were friends “we” could conduct business and if “I” need to do something outside the realm of business (such as hold a check for payment repeatedly) it was somehow more acceptable. No matter this was a ploy or disingenuous.

I never really thought much of the two week notice practice. I felt like an employer asks for what they are unwilling to provide circumstances reversed. After all they do not tell you they are letting you go in two weeks when they terminate you. I also had seen the way employees were treated when they gave that required expected notification. Now I am forced to rethink that position. I  suppose it may have been better if my former client gave me an advanced notification such as; after the next visit we are cancelling in opposed to I am cancelling service. Realistically, speaking she treated me like I was just someone who worked for her. News Flash, that is exactly who I am!

Questions arose; did I do or not do something right, are they really having financial issues. Honestly, the only real concern I should have had was, if our work performance and work ethic were stable and intact . If I could give an affirmative response to those questions, I would have done what is required and expected of me as a business owner and service  provider. Truth is clients/customers/business contacts enter and depart from you and your business. They are as any other individual because at the root they are just people: here for a reason or for a season.

However, it is just business, and I must bounce back and recover. For future references though, I will keep the thought of NOT getting personally involved with my customers/clients in the forefront. I must continue to try to do what I would tell you I currently do; Treat people/clients/customers the way I want to be treated.


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4 thoughts on “Giving Em The Business

  1. Mary on said:

    Ireally enjoyed this piece

  2. Ronnie on said:

    Very insightful! In these economic times, in a world that seems so upside down, everything we thought we knew is no more. Not since the Great
    depression have the people of this once great nation faced the uncertainty that now is our future. Everything I grew up with is gone or going fast, pensions, middle class, good paying jobs, public schools, government workers , mom & pops stores, and hope for the future generations.
    Yet, So offend history has taught us lessons we choose to forget and today the people (common man) and Eileen pay the price. So let me help one understand why this is so! Words to know that will assist, Oligarchy, Plutocracy, Fascism (corporation). Not to mention the ” Military Industrial Complex.”
    The top 300 families in America earned an average income of $120 million in 2001, by the year 2008 their average income grew to $360 million. That an 300% increase of income, while the rest of the nation refers to this time in American history as “The lost generation.” Warren Buffett, the billionaire pay a tax rate of 16.9%, while I (common man) pays a tax rate of 34%.
    So the rich get richer, and the middle class dissipates and Eileen is left to contemplate!

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