Motivated by a lack of material.

Trying To Remember

I used to know telephone numbers but now I don’t. I used to send cards and letters now I text. No one told me that if I stopped trying to do things I would forget how. What’s more, I wasn’t aware of how hard it would become to retrieve that which I once possessed.

In my world, that has about 4-6 hours less than I need to do what I want ,or think I want. I am rebooting so-to-speak, and trying to recall that which I once knew. I am tempted daily to reach for the auto-redial than to challenge my brain. Yet every time I want to go for the easy way out I think there may come a time when you truly don’t have that resource of memory.

Is this futile? My answer is no, while I am annoyed at times by my inability to do some things,I find learning is not as quick as it once was. I am also finding not making an effort is easy and it rapidly carries you to a place you may not be able to recover from.

Plus this is personal. My youngest son’s High School Principal suffered from Alzheimer’s and died. He was 7 years younger than I am. While we cannot control all the ailments and maladies we may suffer from, if a simple step may prevent or delay one that we can, we absolutely should.

Think of how difficult the crime of Identity Theft would be, if only the information we held in our phones was kept safely in our heads.


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One thought on “Trying To Remember

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    I can agree….don’t use it,we lose it

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