Motivated by a lack of material.

And Who Might You Be

So I am looking through old photos; A New Year, yes but there is nothing like mulling over the past especially the recent past.

People sometimes go missing from your life. When is it okay to let go of them as they have obviously let YOU go? I mean just when we were growing accustomed to your face, your presence…you up and MOVE.  We are such social creatures even when we say we don’t like people, we do want their presence on some level. We talk to random strangers, we smile at folks who we have no idea what is going on in their heads, and we trust individuals we invite into our lives to do what they say they will. Even if they didn’t really say anything.

We live with people and one day we come home to find them doing needlepoint and say, “I didn’t know you did that”. Reasonable because you LIVE with someone you assume you know them, but are you paying attention. Is it possible while you were about yourself in YOUR life, you overlooked the sewing and needlepoint magazines that come to your house monthly. Maybe you didn’t notice that when you are out on the weekends somehow you wind up stopping by the local arts and crafts store.

Then there is the extended family, the folks we invite into our homes and our hearts,  because we feel safe in doing so. We tell ourselves, “They fit, they work, they belong..” Then they are gone for no apparent reason, but when you think about it, while we were fitting them into OUR lives, did we ask the if they wanted in/if they wanted to stay.

Now we move on too, we make adjustments and adapt. Enter the possible replacement for “our missing link”, how and when do we become less suspicious, when do we let this stranger in?  I say dust yourself off, open the window of your mind and let the fresh breeze flow freely. Change happens, with or without our permission.


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