Motivated by a lack of material.

Landing Among The Stars

I remember listening to Les Brown several years ago and hearing him say something during one of his sessions something very similar to what I used for this posts title. Motivational speakers are a phenomenon, their words can make you believe and aspire to do great things. Thus their name and their job.

I want to talk about another motivator. We human beings need a push sometimes, we need reminders of why we exist and why we must go one. Each of us have these catalyst in our lives, yet we often do not realize it until we suffer loss. Then it comes crashing in on us how very mush these people mean and we wonder how we will go on.

My take is this God provides us with everything we need, wonder gifts, but he does require you to reach out and grab these gifts for yourself. These gifts are  in the forms of mothers, fathers, children, grandchildren, teachers, friends and a host of so many other people He puts in our lives. Sometimes when things are not going not so good we forget the fact that we have these fabulous individuals  all around us to help in ways we cannot always imagine, and the other things that we think are so pressing are very miniscule by comparison.

One day they get another call from the Lord, and they leave us here to continue what we need to do.  We feel hurt, frightened, desperate, and alone. We wonder why God took them from us, how can we go on without this person right here where we can see, them touch them, love them. They were here for us because He put them here to help prepare us for what we need to do. As any good parent, and “good” cannot begin to describe what God is, their job is to prepare you to stand on your own. These loved ones of whom we all will one day lose, only go when He says so and when He feels like we are ready to what we need to do without them. Their task is done here but that does not mean you don’t have their love anymore. You have been the recipient of their gifts and you are the product thereof. Think of them in the same sense as a metamorphosis; same as you, the change is taking place, and you must move to the next level.

When you look up at the sky and see the stars twinkling back at you remember Les’ words ” Shoot for the moon, because if you miss you’ll still land among the stars”; know up there among those stars is  your loved one, still there watching over you in wonderful company, you were their “moon”, and you are never really without them because they remain in your heart.


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2 thoughts on “Landing Among The Stars

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    You made me really think!!!!!….Thanks…..

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