Motivated by a lack of material.

The “Spoilers”

Inevitably, every season there are one or two teams with horrible records. They near the season’s end and what happens they must play a team with hopes of breaking records and/or chances to make it into the playoffs. Like clockwork they ruin that teams record for the season or eliminate them from the contention. What would we have them do? Just give up. That is not likely when sports, teams, etc. are involved. What happens when it is just individual people?

The individual “spoiler” is not as easy to spot. I venture to say in many cases they are not aware this is who they are. Time and opportunity will identify them, though. They often suffer from “foot-in-mouth” syndrome. The treatment is long and arduous, many aren’t ever cured. I, optimistically, believe there is a fix for the “spoilers”, but it takes a joint effort. The simple solution of course is to eliminate the problem., However, not unlike the sports, team, or even a bad ingredient in a recipe “spoiler”, the simple fix for the individual “spoiler” may not be that simple. People are so multi-facetted, eliminating someone from your life may create another problem. This may be why so many people stay in bad relationships and marriages.

All a”spoiler” needs is someone to bring the good out in them. A strong presence that can neutralize the quality in them that makes things go terribly wrong and/or fail. “Spoilers” need to be reminded that they can ruin something in an effort to be noticed, and if they use a little better judgment favorable results will occur. I listened to my all time favorite singer, Barbra Streisand doing a duet; it does not matter who she was singing with, her angelic voice inspired me here. “Barbra’s voice would complement a bullfrog” one of her many admirers noted. I totally agree. A tall order, but to the “spoilers” find your Barbra and you will be just fine.


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