Motivated by a lack of material.

Don’t Cross Me

Once upon a time there existed a young individual who was volatile and reactive. There was never a situation that was allowed to go by without their wrath being felt, heard, seen. In another kingdom existed another young individual who possessed uncanny calm. Nothing seemed to cause a stir for theirs was an overall feeling that “things would invariably work out….”

Do you recognize or remember either one of these individuals? Here’s a hint pick up a mirror. I knew these individual very well, in my youth they were interchangeable at MY will. However as the sun creeps slowly in the direction of sunset I have come to know another being. Armed with some of the characteristics of those youthful individuals she also possesses patience, knowledge, and a relentless spirit.

Here we are the customer, client, patron. We enter into the establishment in order to obtain what we want or need. We expect to pay and we expect  results .  There you are standing in line as the clerk, hiding behind her CLOSED sign, clearly files her fingernails.  How about the car you just got out of the shop simply without warning stops operating, after you have paid that mechanic’s bill?When we do our part but the provider does not, what then? No longer are we the short-tempered, ill informed neophyte. What you have before you, is a seasoned veteran ready for battle. The question is are you ready to take this step, are you truly ready for battle, or will you sink back to the safety net?

In our current age , there are Better Business Bureaus, Consumer Advocates, Chambers of Commerce. Finally, there are the social medias a place where our faces can be seen and our voices can be heard.  While there truly should not be any higher litmus test than customer satisfaction, sometimes these providers of services and/or goods need a reminder why they are there. A little push towards their personal conscious can yield positive results.

Without a chip on your shoulder in preparation for a fight and for future references, exert your power quietly but effectively.


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One thought on “Don’t Cross Me

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    Very relateable…..

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