Motivated by a lack of material.

Your Peninsula

I will always think of it as home. My ideal spot. The place I wanted to be. When we moved there, it just felt right.  Palos Verdes had an air about it. I can clearly see the beautiful Pacific as you came to the hilltop on Hawthorne Blvd to this very day. Whether the waves were crashing against the rocks beneath  Portuguese Bend or the full moon shone over  still waters of Malaga Cove, it  was/is breath-taking and for several years before we migrated south it was my home. As my roots are in Inglewood, California and I reside in Duluth, Georgia; This place holds my heart.

It has always quietly called to me. I would hear the wind whispers as a teen,  on a clear day it’s outline stood there south west of my then comfort zone. I knew I would be there one day,  and that it would be a part of my life. The world is filled with beautiful spectacular places, but like a garment tailored especially for you, I believe we also have a spot on this Earth that we are directly connected to.

If I were a painter I would spend my days in Lunada Bay doing one seascape after another, never tiring of my view. I could do my interpretation of the Point Vicente Lighthouse from memory.

I have yet to see the islands of Hawaii and I do hope to go  and visit there in the very near future. I have always thought of it simply as paradise, a place like no other. Then as I wrote this brief little piece it came to me; I lived in paradise and it felt so very good.

Maybe it is in the wooded hills or bustling city. Perhaps the desert calls you to . Wherever it is you feel the tugging, you have to go there, you have to be there. When you are not there in this place that you are drawn to, you are lost and don’t know how or why. You search for it aimlessly and when you do arrive you know it. The connection, the oneness, your”peninsula”.


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