Motivated by a lack of material.

“Space Invaders”

Maybe you remember the game.. This is not about a game, it is very real and very serious.

As a being who feels rather independent, one of the most difficult decisions I was forced to make in my early adult life was to return home. I am not talking about coming back to the states from a foreign land. The result of a series of errors and misjudgements I found myself in a financial dilemma; broken and bruised I ran to sanctuary. Fortunately, I left on good terms and I was permitted to return to a place I once called home. My time there was short.  As soon as I was able, I departed from a place I will forever be grateful was there and available to me.

Adults return home more frequently then we like to believe. There is no shame in falling short of expectations. We all make mistakes.  Divorce, hard times, etc. it happens to the best of us. However, if and when you find yourself in such a predicament let me offer a bit of insight. You are now in a territory that is not your own. All the things that you remember, all the things that once were now are a thing of the past. Think of yourself as an “alien”, for that is the only way you will survive. You cannot take anything for granted, the freedoms of being a” go where you want individual” have been suspended.  Unless you are ready to have a miserable existence in the place you now reside in or possibly find yourself without a place to stay, you must assume a role of what might make you feel like a teen who has just gotten their driver’s license.

It helps to be helpful. Things that you let go when you were in your “own spot” do not hold true in your current circumstances. This mean you will probably be picking up the slack for someone else. No matter how unfair this seems, you have to keep reflecting on the fact you are imposing. The best way to not impose is to make your presence a welcomed change rather than a daily annoyance, and this will take some effort on your part.

Finally, you have to realize at any given moment you may inadvertently “wear out your welcome”. Then it is time to go.  Do not allow arrogance and pride to provide you with a one way ticket to the streets. Besides, why are you feeling like your ego is being challenged in a place that generally speaking, the folks around you truly have your best interest at heart. The real trick is to be ready to leave when it is in fact “time”.

No matter how large or small a place is, walls will close in on you. Well meaning family members and/or friends become “clock-watchers”. Everyone wants the ideal situation that is to have company/ guests/ visitors when you want, for however long you want. Beyond that, all these people become and are treated as aliens a.k.a “space invaders”


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