Motivated by a lack of material.

Green With Envy

What to do about it. Wow just when you think you have overcome something, it returns to you. I really hoped, yes I will say, hoped I was beyond this character flaw. I was wrong. I was going along thinking I was okay and then it hit me. It literally pulled the rug from under me. Therefore, the reason this is so very short is my effort to put it behind me and I want to do it quickly.

I was overwhelmed and shocked at the same time. Then I felt hurt and remorse. I felt this terrible irrational emotion toward someone who I dearly love.  This bothered me immensely and I began to cry. My Bible was nearby so I picked it up. I found 1 Corinthians 12:-18 I was compelled to read more.

Confession being one of the movements, progresses in ones journey toward faith, I confess. I was jealous and envious for that instant my thought was only of ME. Then the  “mental ether”; I shook my head and said, ” Do you realize what you have, do you think about what a loss she has  suffered, and most of all this is just a thing.” I want my friend to be happy and enjoy what she now has, God bless her, she certainly deserves it. This was so ugly of me and I am ashamed, but I am glad that God allowed me to see it so very quickly. I was reminded of how terribly vulnerable we are and if we do not have the proper mindset evil is always waiting.


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