Motivated by a lack of material.

Concerted Effort-Less

Here we are at a place where the things we used to do without thought or effortlessly has now become a chore. What used to come naturally has to be given considerable time and planning. These things are not major undertakings, although they oftentimes feel as such. They are the little detailed, everyday items we can easily overlook.

I attend a very non-traditional church in the south. The pastor felt his calling in the area of bringing people to God who had come from little or no Christian training. ALL are welcome but the people who may be a little more skeptical or challenged will feel comfortable enough to come back and often times stay with us. I say all of this because after years of traditional training it took a “minute” to get adjusted to jeans, tee shirts, and yes shorts. However, once there, it was a welcomed change.

Similar to the adjustment one makes in going from street clothes to a uniform, I believe it either works or it doesn’t there is no in-between spot. I worked for the Postal Service for 23 years, as you can imagine, it works.

This particular Sunday as I work in the direction of fixing one more of my many flaws, I thought of how we must make efforts to do the smallest of things or they will get lost. I am working on timeliness and have made some significant strides, but I cannot deem them completely successful for this particular morning. I was able to see that I am sacrificing something important for another . Yet they are both equally needy. I am fooling, deceiving myself into thinking the strides are real successes, because they are not cumulative and I know they should be.

I have to note that I have not been taking much care in the way I look. Since we are in this relaxed environment I have become too relaxed, maybe even lazy in this area. Being a GREETER is important, another area I felt I could make a difference in. Yet, knowing that presentation and first impressions mean so very much; I shout to the members and visitors,  behind a well meaning sincere smile, This is all there is. Now I realize I do not need to be in full theatrical make-up donning a designer gown in sequins, but I should  look like I did more than wash my face and brush my teeth. When I say, “Good Morning. Welcome to 12 Stone”. Folks should want to say and feel like, “It is a good morning and I am glad to be here… just like you.”

It seems there is always another battle, the endless challenges of self awareness and self-improvement. Look close at this title; I am going to have to resolve myself to taking things one step further, so that I can insure that I not only take a step in the right direction, but that I arrive at my destination point successful and safely.


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One thought on “Concerted Effort-Less

  1. Mary Jane Crawford on said:

    I can relate to this piece……

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