Motivated by a lack of material.

May I Have Your Attention Please; ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION !

Does this make you think of a spoiled little child? It sounds like one. Can’t you just picture the folded little arms and pouty face? However, this is addressing the spoiled little child that exists in us adults. They cry out” look at me, listen to me; but the important thing is you in some way, fashion or form you recognize “ME”. You see them in stores, standing in lines at your local favorite restaurant.  You want to leave where you are because of them. I submit this to you though, is that person you.

I imagine we may think we are just demanding respect and recognition. One should give way to our obvious wisdom. However, unlike the times of our parents young people today really do not care what older people think, nor do they care how we feel. Young people are concerned with being young and do not want to deal with the fact that if they are fortunate, they too one day may be  what they consider old.

Armed with the knowledge that you are not going to get an automatic pass because of your maturity, wouldn’t it be wise to behave in a fashion that exudes respect. Do not allow your fear of being over-looked cause you to be singled out. Our patience is wearing thin and our tempers are short, but that does not mean it is okay to be mean.

A very dear friend once told me in my forties that I should not do something, exactly what escapes me, because I did not want to be perceived as old and sour. At the time I really did not think at my age I had that to worry about, but what she was telling me was in forming those bad habits at that time in my life, well it may not be so easy to change and as you age change is not always a choice. Finally, who wants to be around some mean, cantankerous soul? Watch yourself because others are watching you, and maybe you will get the attention you deserve with the desired effects.


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